by Edith Villanueva

We begin a new year, 365 more days in which we will see the help of our beloved God. And you know that I decided to climb the mountain with my children, my husband had to work; so, he started a year with such exciting adventures.

 We got ready to go out with everything warm because according to the forecast it was going to rain and snow in the mountains, so we couldn’t be more excited. Our God gives us the first day so beautiful. When leaving home and contemplating the skies, how beautiful they were, clouds so white and the sky with a beautiful blue so intense, what a privilege to have your driver’s license and to be able to drive enjoying the beautiful landscape that God has given us and to be able to breathe so rich that feeling of peace that gives you so much joy and happiness.

It was my first time traveling alone with my 5 children to go to the Palm Spring Tramway, which are the largest revolving trams in the world that began operating in the year 2000. Before we set out, we ask God to help us and free us from any danger, my husband used to tell me that if I find a very long line of cars waiting to get on I better go back, but you know while I go with my children we are singing praises and when we arrived there was indeed a long line of cars waiting to get on, I had half a tank of gasoline, I  forgot to fill it with the excitement of arriving because I thought that today, January 1st, I was not going to see a lot of people. Suddenly several cars turned to leave, and we applauded each car that got out of line, we kept praying that God would make it possible for us to get up quickly and that’s how it was! several cars left, and my children applauded, what emotion and gratitude to our incredible God. I know that my children will learn to see that you can ask God to help you in everything and to wait for his prompt response.

I got parking lot E, but I got to parking lot A, a car was just coming out and I parked there, God helping us in everything. When we arrived there was also a huge line of people to buy the tickets and the long wait to board the Tramway, we went to take a tour of a souvenir shop, to the cafeteria and until we could board, while we went up, how exciting, the adrenaline, your body feels it and many of us shouted with excitement when we ascended with music from the cabin; and the driver who is explaining to us the height that we are going up and explaining the history of the mountain, so that we enjoy more and wish to be at the top. When we reached more than 8516 feet high and in 10 minutes what a fascinating adventure!

There are several large rooms, a restaurant, a store, a place to sit and talk, outside to go for a walk in the mountains. The snow was just beginning to fall, we had never experienced feeling the snow rain so beautiful and cold at the same time. Very fun for all the visitors and even more so for the children, my children began to make snowballs and throw them, slide, and even eat the snow.

 Oh, how wonderful to be able to feel the snow falling on your clothes and everything becomes as white as the immense and beautiful pines!

Then already frozen and tired from the climb we returned to eat something and return home. Already in the car to leave the parking lot, I couldn’t go back so I looked for help, I found a good Samaritan who, even in the rain and without knowing me, helped me get the car out of the parking lot. I didn’t ask his name, I think, because of my nerves. Now I know that they are those angels that God sends you to come to your rescue, although I would have liked to offer him some gratitude, I know that God will do it. And as you can see, thanks to God, I was able to start the new year 2023 in the heights like eagles, as his word says in Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; They will soar with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not get tired.

Now I feel that I have been filled with so much strength, energy, and vitality to start with all the faith and enjoying all the blessings of our wonderful God!

Happy New Year full of fascinating adventures, especially the favor and protection of our great and incredible God.



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