DAY 2: Self-Esteem & God’s Promises

With Cris Barton

My Self-Esteem is rooted in 3 assurances of who I am in Christ.

In Christ, I’m Accepted

We are Children of God (Heirs of God and fellow heir with Christ) Rom. 8:17

I’m bought with a price; I belong to God. I Cor. 6:19-20.

When we become Christians, we become part of God’s family. We now have a sense of belonging. A relationship rooted in love and acceptance.

All of us has experienced rejection in life and it can be incredibly painful to the point that it can hurt our self-confidence. The pain of rejection create a false belief about ourselves.

In life, we have to constantly worked to earn the acceptance of others. But God accepts us not because of what we’ve done but because of who He is and that’s where our confidence comes from.

So today, live your life confidently knowing that you are fully known, accepted, and loved by God.


I Am greatly loved by God and nothing can separate me from his love.

(Jn 3:16; Eph. 2:4; Col. 3:12; 1 Thes. 1:4; Rom. 35-39.

I’m free forever from condemnation. Rom. 8:1-2

I’m confident that the work God has begun in me will be perfected. Phil. 1:6


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

I’m God’s co-worker. 1 Cor. 3:9


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