Women Add Value- Suchitoto, El Salvador -Dr. Jenny Lopez

Suchitoto is a municipality in the Cuscatlán department of El Salvador.

11949425_1486336751680815_259438288774370266_n11221902_1486335531680937_6905359753218355663_n 11947474_1486335641680926_1723031494465442604_nSuchitoto is widely known throughout El Salvador for its church built in the 1700’s by the Spaniards, and for its cobblestone roads.

It has an excellent view of Suchitlán lake, which is an artificial lake formed in the Lempa river and the Cerrón Grande dam.

It is a very popular weekend destination for Salvadorans. It has broad cultural activities such as art galleries, cultural centers, and handcrafts.*

One amazing fact about this remote town is that every family has chosen respect and protect women from domestic violence! Every door entry states “In This Home We Chose to Live a Violence-Free Toward Women”

#WomenAddValue #ElSalvador


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