2018 a year of Grace

So far this year we have seen impressive things in the spiritual realm. Collectively, the eyes of many have seen the righteousness of God begin to remove foundations of iniquity.

The church has experienced an empowerment not known to our generation. The truths and principles that the Spirit spoke from the beginning are coming to life in our times, during this year.

Let us purpose in our hearts to know the times and seasons so as not to be excluded from what is coming.

 What times do we live?

I. Proverbs 19 is a proverb that speaks principles of alignment with the heart of God. Anyone who wants to purify himself/ herself, read it and make the right changes to your life, in your family, in your ministry.

WISE Woman, it’s not competition time, it’s cleansing time. The Spirit is speaking.

“Better is the poor man who walks in his integrity than he who has wicked lips and who is a fool. Nor is it good to do something without knowledge, and the one who hurries with his feet sins. The foolishness of man perverts his way and enrages his heart against the LORD. Proverbs 19: 1-2

Take this time, allow God to show you the areas that you must surrender to Him. You are not alone. This is the time when, collectively, pious women and men will return the old paths. They will cleanse their lives and save their souls and those of their family.

Affirm yourself in His Word, purposely be saturated with humility and seek refuge in the congregation of the saints. The change you had feared so much, today is your reason for hope. Let go or your agenda, your methods, your passion,  your motives, and you will receive peace and redemption.

II. For others, those who have known how to wait in integrity: it is your time to see justice and the reward of God.

CONCLUSION But it’s not late yet. It is the propitious time for redemption. Remember that A house and riches are the inheritance of the parents, but a prudent woman is the inheritance of the LORD.

LET US PRAY TOGETHER:  Heavenly Father, thank you for this time of grace. Thank you for your never ending love. I pray you to keep showing me what areas of my life must change. I do not want to prolong lack of order in my life. I ask your forgiveness, I want to change now, in the Name of Jesus, break habits that have bound me, guiding me to sin against you, and against my neighbor. I receive your forgiveness and your peace. Amen

“5 A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes lies will not escape.

8 He who acquires understanding loves his life,
and he who keeps prudence will find
the good.
9 The false witness will not go unpunished,
and he who breathes lies will perish.

14 A house and riches are the inheritance of the fathers, but a prudent woman is of the LORD.
15 Laziness makes one fall into a deep sleep, and the negligent person will suffer
of hunger.
16 He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul,
but he who despises his ways will die.

18 Correct your child while there
but do not overdo your soul to destroy it.

20 Listen to the advice and accept
the correction
so that you may be wise in your future.
21 Many plans are in the heart of man,
but only the purpose of the LORD
It will happen.
22 The ambition of man is his misfortune, and it is better to be destitute than deceitful.
23 The fear of the LORD is for life;
the man will live satisfied with him
and will not be visited by evil.

25 Hit the mocker, and the naive
he will be shrewd;
admonish the understood, and gain knowledge.
26 He who strips his father and drives away his mother
he is a son who shames and dishonours.
27 My son, stop attending to the teaching that makes you ramble from the words of knowledge.
28 The wicked witness mocks the judgment,
and the mouth of the wicked expresses iniquity.
29 Acts of justice are prepared for scoffers,
and scourges for the backs of fools. “Proverb 19


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