by Edith Villanueva

August 26,2021

As time passes, we find great gifts that our God has given us, we can close our eyes and remember those moments that have made our joy overflow, those unique moments, where we may not have known how to return the favor received and is that our God always surprises us with his wonderful gifts.

We can clearly remember how we received it, how our God could do it, and we are increasingly amazed at his infinite love and power.

The perfect gift can only be given to you by God, his legitimate knowledge that he has of you and your tastes, your needs, your preferences, all this is evaluated first before giving it to you and if he can anticipate it, that is, show you what that is going to grant you before you have it in your hands, a gift, or it can also be for you that gift that you have been waiting for a long time, or that very valuable and rare opportunity that only very blessed people receive. A perfect gift can only be given to you by God, and he anticipates it so that you focus on what you are going to receive, believe it firmly and do not hesitate! even when difficult, painful, or tragic times come.

Through a dream God showed me that I would have twins, I saw 2 babies in the dream and when I got up, just that day, I had a medical check-up, I was pregnant with my first child, when I arrived at the doctor’s office, I didn’t know how to tell the doctor. doctor, my dream? because I thought you would not believe me. While the doctor was talking to me about how many weeks I had, I told him about it and he immediately told me: “Let’s find out this, we are going to perform an ultrasound on him right now”, the result was that he only had one baby, so he printed me some photos and she said: “It is better if you only have 1 baby because multiple pregnancies are sometimes risky, you are a newcomer and I am glad that there is only one. The doctor’s words reassured me, but did not remove my sadness, so when I got home, I sought God in prayer and began to tell him:

After having developed professionally, I wanted with all my might to be a mother, to establish a home, to have a family and I felt that this dream deserved to come true, then time passed and at exactly 2 years old and in my second pregnancy, I had problems and I He presented a picture of hemorrhage, so when they did the ultrasound, they no longer found my little baby’s heartbeat, and that news broke my heart!! That day was one of those gray days that marked my life deeply, and in my mind, I remembered what I did wrong, that I failed, because this happened to me, in my prayers I said to God and asked him to take away this pain, help me to be strong and carry on.

The next day I went to the doctor to examine me and tell me the results, the doctor received us with a wide smile, and said: “I am very sorry for your loss, but it is better this way, the body sometimes rejects the formation of the baby. because something is not right, you were just going to be 8 weeks old and believe me this is very good, later they will have more children.

Wise words from the doctor always found the solution or the specific answer that calmed me, I spent many nights very sad, but looking at my first son Edgar, I was happy to see him growing without problems, then I got to have my third pregnancy and There if everything went well, she was a little woman I named her Valentina because I had many complications, but she was strong from the womb, she walked at 8 months and she is a leader.

But I always remembered that dream that I had twins, I always remembered it until I had my fourth pregnancy and my beautiful Jimena was born, but we wanted a little brother for Edgar because we felt that he needed a brother, and that’s why I went to a consultation and it came out positive that I was pregnant again, it would be my fifth pregnancy and what I wanted was for the baby to be well and for him to be a little man so that he can play with my oldest son, I went to my check-ups and at the fourth month of pregnancy that the baby is already formed and They tell you the sex, the doctor does the ultrasound, he tells me very happy: “It is a multiple pregnancy, there are 2 babies.”

Oh my God! I was very happy, and I reminded the Doctor of that dream of twins that I had with my first pregnancy, not now and the doctor laughs and says to me: “God is God”, are you happy? And a lot of truth? now to take care of yourself, you need a lot of rest, sleep as much as you can because many sleepless nights await you and laugh”.

It was an absolutely divine moment, God had anticipated this gift for me, I would have 2 babies and today was the day, 6 years had passed since I anticipated this gift, I would bless my home with 2 more babies. I did not know the day, the date or the sex. He determines the dates, and he knows when he will give you what he anticipates, but he will do it at the perfect time, he just waits on God.

!! God keeps what he promises, always, always!!

God has many ways of anticipating his gifts, it is an expectation, it is a mysterious box that we all have with which we are born, but it is with your faith that you will be able to discover them, your optimism, your security in what God shows you is vital to receive it.

Now, I can know that God gave me back the baby that I lost, now I know that she was a little woman, and her anticipated gift came at the exact moment for me, it was to bless me, to make up for the hard moment that happened when suffering that spontaneous abortion, to clean my tears and take away all pain and sadness that my soul suffered.

God sent me my beautiful twins Catalina and Victoria, but also some loving angels from Peru, who helped me with the care of my little ones, my parents helped me to raise them from newborn babies from 0 to 3 months, I could see my daddy and my mom giving them as much love as me and me happier than ever!

Then my in-laws arrived so affectionate and loving as well and then professional people, therapists who in the end helped me with my 5 children, so I can say that God gave me an Advance Gift with everything included because he gave me my twins, but also a wonderful team of qualified people to help me.

 Why? Why me? because he loves me with all his infinite love, God loves us my Precious Ones, he gave his son as a sacrifice for love of us. So, what are we going to say today: “Who can separate us from the love of God? Tribulation, or anguish, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? Before, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us, for which I am sure that neither death, neither life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor what is present, nor what is to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord”. Romans 8: 35-39

God loves you precious, whatever pain you face today, believe me, God is going to give you in abundance to make up for everything you lost, come to Him, surrender all your sadness because God will transform it into joy and happiness. Listen to this beautiful song,


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