by Edith Villanueva

September 10, 2021

God suddenly surprises you with things that you did not think, nor did you imagine obtaining them, but you know that you are favored in all things, but you do not notice it until they are presented to you and it seems that you are in ” a little piece of heaven “, simply because It is so extraordinary what happens to you, and it is that you find people so special as if they were not from this planet because they are like angels who show you with their actions their generosity, their goodness, kindness, they are full of love from God that is not easy to find at this time.

Our beloved Lord Jesus is the link between heaven and earth, he is the bridge between God and humanity, the connection between the blessings of heaven and earth; no one can go to the father if not for him, no prayer would be effective without him.

For a long time I had not enjoyed meeting angels, I can remember when I was on a bus, at that time I was in my beloved Peru, I was traveling to a province and was in a hurry to get there, so I asked at the reception if I still had a ticket available, since for me finding one available was very necessary, and yes there was, one for me !! what a joy!! So I got on the bus as fast as I could, when I sat down, I hadn’t realized who was next to me, when suddenly I look and see a beautiful woman, her white tees, her very pink lips, her blue eyes, her beauty overshadowed mine, I felt bad, I had a cloak on my head but you could see her blond hair, and she spoke to me, she said: “I come from Colombia and I’m going to go to Machupicchu”, I couldn’t speak much, it was like if i was in shock. Her beauty surprised me and my body sweated a lot, my face sweated and I didn’t know what to do !! until She gave me a tissue paper, then she put her hands on mine and it was like it calmed my whole being because I no longer sweated, she was calm and said: “wash your face with cold water every day, you have oily skin “And added:” you are beautiful and beautiful too “, the trip on the bus lasted 3 hours, but I don’t remember any more, only when we arrived, I got off quickly and got back on the bus to look at her, but I didn’t see her anymore.

At that time, I was in that dilemma whether it is good or bad to wear makeup and I was able to understand with this beautiful angel that we are beautiful because we are God’s workmanship and that makeup helps us to highlight our natural beauty and is part of our personal image.

Your heart explodes with happiness when you meet these precious angels, you are so happy that you can only look at the sky and say: “Thank you, my God, my good Lord, my beloved Jesus for this good time, with which they are blessing me, I believe that you are so happy with me because you overwhelm me with everything you give me ”.

And you ask yourself, what can I do Lord to thank you, I do not have enough, I would not be enough to compensate you for every detail that you have had with me? and suddenly it appears in your mind and tells you “You are my beloved daughter and I love you with inexhaustible love, I have created you, I formed you, you are mine !!”

Those Angels that you have put in my life, my beloved Jesus, have prepared a surprise for me for my birthday in one of their houses, and they call me to ask what I like so that they can prepare everything based on my tastes, and that is not possible! ! because they are not my blood family, they are not obliged to do so, however I can understand my Lord, that they are your angels and therefore they are my family, they are that family that carries your precious blood, that family that I was looking for so much and that I did not think I would find in a desert, in a place where there is hardly much, but as always, You Lord, exalt your power, your greatness and have turned the desert into a little piece of heaven.

I love you Lord Jesus.

“I will wash my hands in innocence, and so will I walk around your altar, O Lord, To cry out with a voice of thanksgiving, and to tell of all your wonders” Psalms 26: 6-7


    • edithcarazas says:

      My precious friend and sister Yvonne. Thank you very much for such a nice comment, I greatly appreciate in my heart, a hug and I miss you.



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