What can I do for you? – Dr. Jenny M Lopez


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What I can do for you woman (man)? … What you have at home? 2 Kings 4: 2

This morning I invite you to receive STRENGHT and FOCUS. Strenght to persevere and continue to press toward the goal, even in the midst of any situation or adversity that may be facing. And FOCUS to tune in to the Voice of God. You will discover that He asks questions that will provide you with transforming responses.

To the widow found in  2 Kings 4: 2, the Lord asked:

“What can I do for you, woman?”

Even before she could answer, He asked a second question ( a focus question). Her answer would change her destiny and save her family.

“… What do you have at home?”

In the desperation of her state, she could have asked for anything, and God knew that. This woman had recently widowed and was left…

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