This week’s focus is on being intentional in the way that we seek the Lord.

Being intentional in our walk with God requires a lot more work than we initially think it does. When we become Intentional with God it’s as if we become an open book to Him. God knows and sees all but God can only transform the areas of our lives that we allow Him into. When we are intentional in our relationship with the Lord, we give Him permission to point out the areas in our lives that need improvement. Nobody enjoys having their flaws or imperfections pointed out but allowing God into those areas of our lives will help us to become better leaders, ministers, wives, mothers, etc.

In Psalm 139 David intentionally gave the Lord permission to seek his heart. David understood that although he was the anointed king, that didn’t mean his heart or intentions were exempt from sin. We all fall short of the Glory of God. David humbled himself and allowed for the Lord to search his heart. Not only did David make his heart available but he even asked God to search it!During your quiet time with the Lord today, make your heart available and ask Him to search it.

I encourage you to allow Him into every area of your heart with nothing held back. And remember, just because we may think we are doing something properly, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the way the Lord wants us to do it. Be encouraged today to let God step in and search your heart. Allow for Him to correct you.

I encourage you to listen to this song today as you ask the Lord to search your heart.

-Stephanie Monroy


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