By Edith Villanueva.

September 3 , 2021.

How can you impress the heart of God? What should we do? what are the requirements we need to move the heart of God? Analyzing and studying various passages in the bible we can find several accounts of women who touched the heart of God in an admirable way, and you know what they did? They were simply humble to obey, act with faith and determination, they also had fidelity and commitment to obtain God’s favor.

It is necessary today to have that commitment to God to be faithful to him, to obey his call to be an inspiration to other women with your good example, you need to have that determination that will allow you to continue with that firm decision to achieve the expected results, no doubt. Because you already see victory through your faith, that unshakeable faith, that is, these three virtues:   Commitment, Determination and Faith, these 3 virtues together manage to move the heart of God and He will make you succeed in all areas of your life.

In these times it seems impossible because there is so much evil and one can think that is a world without ever appearing control things and things that can discourage, that’s not true!!

You need to wake up and focus on Jesus and know that nothing that you have dreamed of, that God ever showed you, that energetic voice or a simple whisper is not gone, it is present, his spirit burns within you to push you to wake. Seeking and achieving favor even without deserving it is waiting for you, you must conquer it, you have to decide to do it now!!

Let me tell you that God will bring all the help, all the things to help you achieve his purposes in you, so that you leave a mark in this world, of the amazing woman that you are, you will be and that will be recorded in the book of life, because you name is written in gold ink and they call you and they will call you powerful woman of faith!!

Let me tell you about the Syrophoenician woman who knew that Jesus was in a city near hers and had her little daughter possessed by an unclean spirit so knowing that Jesus was there, she did not hesitate to look for him and ask him to heal her daughter , Jesus had never said no to someone who has approached Him to ask for healing, but she did deny her request, but God was testing her humility, she could have been offended, felt discriminated against or despised by God, however she was tremendously humble and did not give up, did not give up, but sought to impress the heart of God with his excellent response, when he said: “even dogs eat the crumbs that children fall on the floor” (Mark 7: 24- 30)

This answer moved the heart of God, he did not mind lowering his dignity because he knew and respected the power of God and even if what God gave him were crumbs, they were enough to achieve the healing of his little daughter. Incredible woman of commitment, determination and faith that impressed the heart of God.

God bless you.


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