January 13- Daily Bible Reading


In today’s reading, we see Jacob on his way to Laban to find a wife. He has tricked his brother and father and he truly lived out his name Jacob the trickster.

When he lays down on the rock to sleep, God himself comes to him in a dream and doesn’t condemn him, doesn’t yell at him, doesn’t remind him of all the bad things he’s done, rather God reveals to him who he is going to be!! Jacob may have seen himself as just Jacob the trickster but God saw a nation!!! God tells him all the good things He has for Jacob and he tells him He won’t leave him until all God’s promises is fulfilled. God saw Israel in Jacob.

Who does God see when he sees you? God sees the you he created you to be! He sees your potential and purpose not your mistakes and short comings. He sees his destiny being fulfilled in you!! We all have greatness in us but sometimes we go to God and rather than going to him in boldness and faith, we go to condemn ourselves before him to remind him how bad or weak or inconsistent we have been.

As I’m doing myself, I encourage you all today to see yourself as God sees you!! Whatever he has promised you will come to pass! Have faith in him! He put greatness in you and no matter how old you are, believe me you haven’t even begun to tap into the power and destiny he has for you! You are not ordinary! You are not your sins! You are not your shortcomings! You are great!!


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