By Edith Villanueva

We feel totally grateful that we were so blessed with an Extraordinary Retreat in the most beautiful place that can exist in California, Big Bear Lake with an elevation above sea level of 6752 Ft.

Big Bear Lake is a small town located in the San Bernardino Mountains along the southern shore of Big Bear Lake and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest.

Our meeting point was at a beautiful and cozy Best Western Hotel, its facilities were prepared to receive more than 60 women so eager to receive the greatest blessing that God had destined for each one of them. Women of faith and leadership, all with the same conviction to receive that supernatural union that would allow them to take The Mount that belongs to them and so determined to recharge themselves with Divine Energy to define their calling.

What a great challenge to be able to do it, many of them climbed the Mountain alone, others like me climbed with their family, their husbands, their pastor, their children.

Very early in the morning on Friday, July 22nd, the team of volunteers went to prepare and arrange the hall for our event and what a surprise we had when we found out that there was no electricity in the hotel and in the whole city.

I want to tell you that I had the blessing of being the first with my children to go up to the hall, the hotel manager was so cordial, she showed us the way and led us to the hall, they brought us some emergency lamps to be there, and my children like all children were scared, so we went to the altar to pray to ask God to make it possible to repair any problem that is generating that there was no light, and let me tell you that it was not long and we had the light back.

What a joy Glory to God in the heights of Big Bear, God showed His absolute power over all things.

Then with all the joy our Founder Jenny Lopez and the team of volunteers with the help also of my children we started to put things up and decorate with so much love every detail, what a blessing everything was perfectly executed according to plan.

You know this time God allowed me to climb the mountain with my children to teach them to help and to see the power of God manifesting Himself in everything we ask of Him.

How impressive when our beautiful Jessica Lopez and the whole Praise group began, it was as if All Big Bear began to be more blessed than ever, the presence of God filled the whole room, his Holy spirit took over our being, our heart beating a thousand, feeling his soft VOICE and tears ran down our face of so much happiness to feel his power in us.

There is no doubt that each one of you my dear sisters in Christ are incredible women, determined to reach the purpose that God has for your lives.

The speakers Ricardo Lopez, Marisel Santana, Nicole Jansen and our founder Jenny Lopez gave us messages full of the power of God, they were used by God to encourage us and clarify any doubts in our calling.

The workshops led by the facilitators with their questions, was so spectacular because it allowed us to analyze ourselves and look for answers within ourselves and leave the excuses that were preventing us from taking our Monte.

How wonderful it was to receive our trophies, our chains with the mountains we have climbed and the phrase that each one of us got, made us laugh with happiness, it really is like a marathon, those hours are the most extraordinary hours that we traveled to conquer the Mount that we have been called.

My heart totally grateful for having our beautiful Leader Jenny Lopez, the best in the World who is influencing every day in more women like you and me!

To our God be the Glory and Honor for blessing us so much, we leave recharged with the power of God to move and enlighten the world from the mountain that God has given you.

God bless you.


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