by Edith Carazas

Hello everyone:

I want to tell you that I have had a monumental experience after 12 years and 6 months. My heart was longing to be able to do it and I knew that God had the perfect time for me, and it was just waiting patiently to be able to help and serve in the church, I already missed so much time without being able to do it.

And God always surprises you by giving you such wonderful opportunities and the day has come to be able to do it, I spoke with a beautiful woman so wonderful for her service in the children’s ministry of the Garden Church in the city of Indio (California) Christin Castellanos, she is such a special leader. She has a super team that planned a vacation Bible course with excellence for a whole week, bringing together more than 700 children.

Here such a wonderful door was opened for me to be able to help and serve these precious children, they sent me to perform a live fingerprint scan to send them to the California Department of Justice and obtain your records, such as a certificate of good conduct, which it was free i didn’t have to pay anything, it was my first time doing it so i also enjoyed this standardized method of fingerprinting.

Then we had a meeting where they explained to all the volunteers to serve the instructions that we had to follow to help execute the vacation Bible course plan. It was spectacular to know that we had to wear a beautiful t-shirt with the logo of the course which I went to pick up mine and my 5 children’s without thinking about it, what a blessing to be able to help, you had the privilege of being able to wear not only your t-shirt but those of your children How beautiful is God! It always surprises you.

For me it was like starting an incredible adventure to help in the children’s ministry again, I was super happy, very excited, I did not know which children I would be assigned to, even though I asked to help in preschool, although I did not realize that they sent us an email saying Where were you going to help, and it was with the preschool children and although they later saw my specific place, they gave me the option of continuing with preschool. I am happy because I was already helping there, how nice to return with the 2-year-old children, the leader in charge is an incredible woman Lida Stevens, so loving, patient and very aware of all the development of the plan.

Helping the 2-year-olds was a lot of fun, and you know there was a boy who had his last name “Peru”, Omg! That for me was a confirmation that this room was the one that God had assigned me to take care of what happiness! to change diapers again, it had been like 3 years without doing it, it was so special. Something that surprised me about a baby who already had rules and did not like to break them, so he was well disciplined in eating, playing, listening to the class, he did not like to sit for a long time, his name is Jeremias, but he loved doing the choreographies, He loved the music and he danced around the room, and so each child, so beautiful. In the program each room had to go through all the different activities scheduled in each room. So, it was a lot of fun, different activities and a playground that made them explode with energy, so precious.

It was wonderful, they gave me a leader’s photocheck, they haven’t told me in church for a long time, but it was my highest trophy, a divine privilege, and an enormous personal satisfaction to be able to serve and help such precious children. Just a leader of our woman Add Value devotional, the organization to which I belong Olguita Rojas Lazcano is from Bolivia, she told us about the service and motivated me to send me to make a service t-shirt, which I also used this special week for the children of Garden kids.

Every day serving these precious children was so special. I was with such an extraordinary team of leaders, so full of patience and love for each child. The meetings with all preschools to sing and present the themes were incredible for us as leaders and for the children. children because everyone had fun learning from the word of God.

It was also so incredible to see the concert of children from kindergarten to 5th grade in the main hall of the church, how wonderful, the lights, the voices together praising God, sincerely this event was like being in heaven.

I felt like I needed to do something else!

Until I met a leader in charge of the kitchen, and she told me: “if I want, I can bring some food to share”, Omg! Sure, I told him: “I’m going to attract Peruvian food.” I went to buy the things to prepare and that is how I prepared causa from Lima and stuffed potatoes, I felt like the best chef in the world.

I want to tell you that I took advantage of this wonderful experience of serving and helping with all my heart and strength, every day I asked God to give me more ability and talent for children, free me from anything that prevents me from finishing successfully each day, and above all everything that each child knows more about God, his power, and his precious word. Working with each leader has been the greatest, seeing so much humility and desire to serve has been a monumental experience.

Our reward is a beautiful little box that I don’t have yet, but soon I will have it and it will be like my gold trophy, my reward, my reward came from the highest. Glory to God!

So, I encourage you to get involved in the service of helping in your church, in your community, wherever you can help and serve, do it and you will obtain great spiritual rewards.

God bless you.


  1. Lida Stevens says:

    Thank you for sharing your serving experience at VBS. There is joy in serving! You were an answer to prayer for extra hands. God bless you richly, my sister💞



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